Top 10 Ways to Promote Online Courses on Social Media

In the wake of COVID-19, more and more schools are moving their curriculums to focus in online learning for the foreseeable future. With many schools & universities now facing this challenge, Social Media is currently where these institutions showcase their stories, and a great place where online universities can increase audience engagement that also inspires future prospects.

Given their very visual nature, stories might not seem like a natural fit for online courses. However, the format’s versatility could actually give you plenty of scope the showcase online learning. For instance, you could use some of your learning materials to create quizzes or polls to test prospects’ knowledge and give them a preview of what to expect.


The interactivity of stories can also be a great way to build community and engagement remotely. For instance, in the aftermath of COVID-19, a number of schools have utilized the format to offer practical tips for studying remotely. This could help to assuage any concerns students may have about studying online.


While online learning doesn’t offer quite the same amount of opportunities for socializing as studying on campus does, many established online course providers still try to create ways for their students to meet and connect with one another.


Schools that have been forced to close campuses due to the pandemic have also been mindful of this aspect of the student experience, and many have worked to create virtual events and activities to fill the void.


Social media can be the perfect place to promote this aspect of your school’s new reality. You can create posts, stories and videos both to raise awareness of your events, and show prospects what they are missing.


Example: Socializing has always been a big part of the language education experience. Now, in the absence of on-campus activities, many schools are running virtual social programs for their online students. IH Manchester, for instance, runs concerts, quizzes and other events online, and promotes them on its Instagram account.

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